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We publish equine novels that are jam-packed with inspiration, mystery and fun. Our equine novels  highight different horse breeds, while at the same time teach and raise awareness for important programs such as therapeutic riding , breeding and  equine rescue. There's something for everyone!


Coming Autumn 2020

We are so excited to announce the upcoming launch of our first picture book, Angels Journey: A Bullied Filly' Search for Friends & Purpose. The colorful pages illustrated by Rachel Tryba and Courtney Vail that backdrop the identifiable problem of bullying in a Curly horse's heartwarming quest for belonging and purpose is sure to delight young readers. Due to Covid-19, there is a slight delay in the printing of our hardcover edition, so check back for our exact release date, but it will be available soon in all major online stores or it can be ordered directly at Barnes & Noble.


Meet Kahasi, the mascot and inspiration for WEST RIDGE FARM PUBLISHING. He is an American  Curly horse owned by Sandra J. Howell. Although he enjoys his equine companions, he has a special relationship with the barn cats. Be sure to pick up our novel, Spirit of a Rare Breed. He is one of the stars in the Samantha Steele series. Readers will enjoy many of the fun true-to-life accounts of  horsewomen everywhere as Sam works to establish the American Curly breed in her town. American Curly horses were revered by Native Americans and have taken their place in the diverse world of all horse breeds.

Newest Release

Angels Club 5: The Lost Warrior Princess

is now available in all major online stores.

Angels Club 5: The Lost Warrior Princess, the next edition in the award-winning Angels Club Series, is now available in all major online stores. Be sure to pick up your copy of this sweet and suspenseful novel that highlights bullying, animal rescue, online stranger danger, and trauma in kids, animals and veterans. Unify Against Bullying, a fabulous non-profit, is highlighted in this book that grabs the attention of parents and kids with its head-on attack on danger stranger online. A must read book for everyone. 

Congrats to Courtney Vail  & Sandra J. Howell

for winning a 2018 grant from Unify Against Bullying to help

promote their award-winning, anti-bullying Angels Club Series.

Congrats to Courtney Vail  & Sandra J. Howell

for winning the 2016 Moonbeam Children's Book Silver Medal for

Best Series - Chapter Books with their Angels Club Series.

Congrats to Courtney Vail  & Sandra J. Howell

for winning the 2017 IPNE Best YA Book Silver Medal for

Angels Club 3: The Fight to Save Mustangs.

Congrats to Courtney Vail  & Sandra J. Howell

for winning the Best YA Book 2017 EQUUS Film Festival Award

NYC for Angels Club 3: The Fight to Save Mustangs

We are happy to partner with Unify Against Bullying, a non-profit dedicated to solving the issue of bullying by celebrating diversity and supporting anti-bullying initiatives.

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