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Equine novels

for everyone!

Love horses? Awesome! You've come to the right place.

We publish equine novels that are jam-packed with inspiration, mystery and fun. Our equine novels  highight different horse breeds, while at the same time teach and raise awareness for important programs such as therapeutic riding , breeding and  equine rescue. There's something for everyone!


Congrats on another award!

Congratulations to Sandra J. Howell and Courtney Vail for being awarded a 2023 grant from Unify Against Bullying for their multi-award-winning ANGELS CLUB SERIES.  This generous grant will allow the co-authors to gift sets of their series to many non-profits, clubs, children's hospitals and more.

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Izzy, The Reluctant Spy by Sandra J. Howell features Izzy Franklin, a sixty-nine-year-old YA author, retiree, and widow in this first romantic cozy mystery for WRFP. Izzy's comfy life on her farm with her dog, stray cat and aging horses is disrupted when her friend Merle pressures her to go undercover on an elite senior dating site to flush out the grifter who bilked her out of thousands of dollars and then disappeared. Izzy is way out  of her element, pretending to be a femme fatale, meeting philanderers online, and then in person. Izzy, reluctant from the start, was only in this to help out  Merle and potential future victims of Krappy Karl. She never anticipated real danger or that her friendship with Gus, which could turn into more, would be threatened, but she must see it through to the end. For a funny, suspenseful read with a cast of quirky, enjoyable characters, get it today.


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A Book Club Choice


Our Latest Picture Book

We are thrilled to announce that our second picture book written by Courtney Vail & Sandra J. Howell, Rich Strike's Journey: An Underdog's Run for the Roses is now available.

As almost everyone knows, Rich Strike, the longest shot in the Kentucky Derby, won a stunning victory in 2022. Although his backstory is one of doubt and defeat, the beautiful thoroughbred’s win is filled with lessons for all.


It takes his best friend, Squirrel, who believes in him, and his groom and trainer earning his trust to guide him to victory and astound the racing world.

This picture book, illustrated by Courtney Vail, that commemorates this monumentous achievement, will make a great gift for the holidays for any child or horse enthusiast.




Both picture books for...

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Hot off the press.


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Perfect Read for Children

We are  excited to announce the launch of our first picture book, Angels Journey: A Bullied Filly's Search for Friends & Purpose. The colorful pages illustrated by Rachel Tryba and Courtney Vail enchant you with the story of Angel, a bullied American Curly horse. Because she does not look like the other horses with her curly coat, mane and tail, and "shrimp" size, she is bullied by larger sleek horses. She feels rejected and alone. Her  dream of finding friends and becoming a hero bring her on an enchanted journey. Join Angel as she finds purpose in life and makes a difference for all.

A signed copy of the hardcover can be ordered here. Hardcover can also be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.

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40% wholesale discount or for bulk orders.

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Web Exclusive Sale!

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Gold Medal IPNE Award - YA Books

Exciting news! Angels Club 5: The Lost Warrior Princess  just won the 2021 IPNE Awards Gold Medal for YA books.

Angels Club 5: The Lost Warrior Princess, the award-winning edition of the much-loved Angels Club Series, is available in all major online stores. Be sure to pick up your copy of this sweet and suspenseful novel that highlights bullying, animal rescue, online stranger danger, and trauma in kids, animals and veterans. Unify Against Bullying, a fabulous non-profit, is highlighted in this book that grabs the attention of parents and kids with its head-on attack on danger stranger online. A must read book for everyone. 



Congrats to Courtney Vail  & Sandra J. Howell
Grant  awarded from Unify Against Bullying to promote their  anti-bullying Angels Club Series.

Congrats to Courtney Vail  & Sandra J. Howell
Moonbeam Children's Book Silver Medal for Best Series Chapter Books
Angels Club Series


Congrats to Courtney Vail  & Sandra J. Howell
Best YA Book
Angels Club 3: The Fight to Save Mustangs 

Angels Club 5: The Lost Warrior Princess

Congrats to Courtney Vail  & Sandra J. Howell
 NYC Equus Film Festival: Best YA Book
Angels Club 3: The Fight to Save Mustangs.


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